Mikel Díez Alaba


Make signs, ideograms, writing mysteries to awaken evidence, marvel at the light and let as a beam passes through the brain, arm, hand and left behind incandescent glazes sensed vegetation illuminating all that is born every day.


Write on raw canvas, flick, and drag, blow glazes to bring the world to dawn theplanet, so that water can overflow channels and vegetation whipped by the north wind.

And sometimes the fury, which is necessary to have that life stirred, stir and we are not always masters of everything that happens to us. And the colors are discoveries, a feast of creation, and the source of all joys. Light colors, pertaining to water and wind, high and deep colors, light and strong colors, transparent and opaque colors, scratches, and hard ones, spat and cherished, loved and suffered life as if it were.


Painting as a way of breathing, let the paint spread itself driven by feelings and let the hand sway with the breeze. Paint to contain the beauty, because painting is created in a breath and can be enjoyed many times, to put on record that we have existed and add some mark of our own to the universe. Painting to share with anyone who wants, to talk and laugh, to feel alive.



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